Brief description of flavor enhancers

Update:26 Dec 2017

Refers to the supplement, enhance, improve the original taste or taste of food substances. Some known as flavor or taste agent.
The flavoring agents allowed in China are sodium glutamate, disodium guanylate and disodium 5'-inosinate, disodium ribose disodium 5'-disodium succinate and L-alanine.
Sodium monosodium glutamate contains a molecule of water crystallization of sodium monosodium L-glutamate. Soluble in water, lost water at 150 ℃ crystallization, pyrrolidone at 210 ℃, pyroglutamic acid generated, about 270 ℃ decomposition. Light stability, heating in alkaline conditions racemic effect, decreased taste. Pyrrolidone is easily pyrolyzed when heated under acidic conditions of pH 5 or lower, and becomes pyroglutamic acid with a decreased taste. In the neutral heating is seldom changed.
Glutamic acid is a low toxic substance. Under the conditions of general dosage, there is no toxic problem, and the flavoring agent of the series of nucleotides is widely present in various foods. No special rules are required.
In these years, many meat extracts, yeast extracts, hydrolyzed animal proteins and hydrolyzed plant proteins have been developed.