Flavor magical

Update:14 Nov 2017

    Mimosa oil:

    Help digestion, cure respiratory diseases, restore youth, anti-aging.

    Cinnamon oil:

    Fuzheng Quxie, anti-infection, anti-corrosion antibacterial.

    Peppermint oil:

    Eliminate nausea, tension and tension headache, fever, eliminate mosquitoes.

    Jasmine oil:

    Soothing, analgesic effect.

    Geranium oil:

    Anti-fatigue and trauma can also be mosquito.

    Sandalwood oil:

    Relaxation, calm, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, relieve nervous tension, headache.

    Rose Oil:

    Rich in vitamin c, carotene, vitamin b and vitamin k, relieve fatigue, nourish the skin.

    Perilla oil:

    Driven wind pain, stomach, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, cardiac, anticonvulsant, pass through, the treatment of respiratory diseases and rheumatic pain.

    Eucalyptus oil:

    Calm, relax, stop headache, effectively alleviate congestion and respiratory diseases (including cold and flu).

   Ylang oil:

    Adjust the balance of body function, soothe, calm, relieve pain, improve sleep, treat hypertension and fight depression.

    Lemon oil:

    Refreshing, beauty, body wash, melt corrosion stains.

    Tea oil:

    Diminishing and eliminate stretch marks, acne, analgesic itching, fever.