Food additives are not illegal additives

Update:21 Nov 2017

The public talked about the color change of food additives, the more the reason is confused the concept of illegal additives and food additives, the charge of some illegal additives to the head of food additives is obviously unfair. "The State Council General Office on Severely Combating the Illegal Additive Food Practically Strengthening the Supervision and Administration of Food Additives" requires the standardization of food additives production and use: the non-use of non-food substances is prohibited in the production of complex food additives, may not be purchased without the identification of non-standard, unknown sources of food additives , And severely punished the abuse of food additives such as over-range and over-limit. At the same time, it is required to formulate and publish the common safety standards for food additives and food additive labeling standards by the end of 2011.
Need to crack down on the illegal addition of food behavior, the urgent need to regulate the production and use of food additives problem. Food additives, there are some problems, such as unknown origin, or improper materials, the most prone to abuse is the problem.
Experts remind the public that there is no need for excessive panic about food additives. With the imminent introduction of relevant national standards, the production and use of food additives will certainly be more standardized. Of course, we should strengthen our self-protection awareness and learn more about food safety. In particular, we should not buy foods that are too bright in color, too rich in taste or unusual taste.