Food flavors can be divided according to use

Update:16 Jan 2018

1. Water-soluble flavor (water essence Essence?): The fragrant base dissolved in a certain concentration of ethanol, propylene glycol, deionized water or distilled water, if necessary, tincture, extract or concentrate juice. The usual usage is
1 ‰ ~ 5 ‰. Dissolves or disperses in the water to be transparent, has a slight head odor, but lacks heat resistance. Mainly used for soft drinks, cold food, ice cream, jelly and so on.

2. Oil flavor (foreign also known as sesame oil, Oily Flavor: The fragrant base dissolved in glycerol, triacetin, vegetable oil and other fat-soluble solvents, high concentrations of flavor, not easy to disperse in water, but good heat resistance, retention. For candy, cookies, cakes, chewing gum and so on.

3. Seasoning Flavor: Spice and meat extract to deploy, for convenience foods, seasonings, soup, puffed food, snacks and other food.

4. Wine Flavor: Preparation of beer, fruit wine, wine, liquor, rice wine and other alcoholic.

5 toothpaste flavor: toothpaste, tooth powder, refreshing agents and other clean products

6. Other uses Flavors: children's products, plastic products, security, stationery, printing and so on.