2016 years 9 months before the strong growth in sales of rice wine industry

Update:04 Dec 2016

Rice wine industry year after year to usher in the industry to grow new opportunities, 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit and a series of high-level activities, once again for the industry to provide some of the huge stage. However, the industry base, the market is too weak, so that the industry can not run through the overnight run to produce reborn effect. 2016 years ago, 9 months, the main business income of rice wine industry increased by a high year on year, the sales situation has improved significantly, but the total profit growth is too lagging, profit margins rise too slowly. It should be said that the wine industry since 2016 since the overall profit margins are very stable, the first 9 months and the first 6 months compared to the gap between profit growth and sales growth has not changed, that is, in the wine industry, Period of the third quarter, the overall profit margins of the wine industry remained highly stable.

The third quarter is still in the yellow wine industry theory of production and sales of off-season, the vast majority of rice wine industry enterprises and the market is basically in the state of inaction, while the wine industry, although the overall size of a small industry, but only a handful of high-end enterprises to occupy the share and Not big. The third quarter of 2016 is to catch up with the G20 summit held in the base of the wine industry, the weather will make this period of the wine industry from the theoretical market downturn into the actual sense of the market season. However, this season is not part of the entire wine industry, can only stimulate the industry is a very small number of high-end enterprises and high-end market, the group in the sales scale does not have the advantage, and product value-added advantages and profitability in the entire wine industry Absolute leading position, its make a difference, the wine industry is still low overall profit margins to achieve steady rise, at least to provide effective protection.

In the first nine months, the total cost of the yellow wine industry increased by more than the main business income, and it was also the industry with the highest total cost of the wine industry, thus becoming the only beverage service with less than 10% of the cost cost. What is more, the higher cost of this increase, not only the industry sales growth slightly weak, even only to bring a relatively low profit growth, high input and low output, especially the whole industry as a whole product added value is too low , The wine industry as a whole profit margins over the years the fundamental factors. As for the current yellow wine industry to maintain close to zero loss of corporate loss rate, not to say that the industry generally have what anti-loss know-how, and mainly from the low tax policy, including industry support policy.

In short, the rice wine industry in order to achieve reborn as the upgrade, relying on some of the industry to achieve overnight thriving reality is not realistic, or the need for time accumulation coupled with the industry every part of their own efforts.