Liquor market to pick up personalized custom popular

Update:04 Dec 2016

2016 China (Central) International Wine Fair to enter the next day, at the Wuhan International Expo Center exhibition site, head surging. Reporters visited yesterday found that the wine market has quietly appeared many new changes.

The liquor market is picking up

To buckwheat wine as the representative of the health of liquor is still the most popular people, the price of more than tens of dollars to 200 yuan between. One of the exhibitors said that in the past few years by the "eight provisions" and other factors, high-end liquor sales dropped, the public liquor market prices more and more transparent, but also more close to the people to buy wine from a higher proportion of consumption, consumption The market share of wine is increasing. Organizing Committee, the opening of the exhibition in two days, Amoy liquor goods accounted for more than 60% of the number of visitors to the goods, to deal with a lot of dealers dealers. The last two days some exhibitors give greater concessions, is expected to visit the people will be more.

Reporters also learned from the Hubei Provincial Association of liquor circulation, since the beginning of this year, high-end liquor market demand and prices both rebound, the popularity of liquor prices stable, but the demand increased significantly, the overall sales to enhance more than two percent, The market is picking up.

Wine companies have made up the card

There is a booth put a row of bottles, the above hot stamping a variety of photos: a wedding, baby photos, family photos, family portrait, etc., looks particularly warm. "New Year to the family blessing printed on the bottle, this drink up a few festive myself!" Mr. Liu said the public. "This custom wine main banquet and festivals reunion, wedding banquet, etc." Exhibitors, and now more and more parties, wine can also be customized by feast categories: "young people like to customize the wedding, you can wedding According to the characteristics of the red wine bottle; New Year festivals reunion, you can put the family Fuyin red wine bottles; graduation ten years party, you can put the collective photos printed on the bottle, especially the atmosphere.

Moved to the wine show wine culture

Reporters on the scene to see, many exhibitors will be arranged to brew the booth wine shop, palace pavilions, ancient wine cellar, retro "Chinese style" full. Some people are a liquor factory in Jiangxi blue and white porcelain bottle to attract. "There are some preferences for wine culture, we have to show wine, but also use 'soft equipment' to show wine culture, in order to get recognition." A staff member said. In addition, there are exhibitors to bring the ancient wine tools, a very regional characteristics of the wine altar, people have "through" to the ancient feeling.

Identify imported wine with know-how

In the exhibition site, a lot of wine category, the price from a few tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. With the people's health needs, the market potential of red wine is also huge.

The scene of a well-known red wine exhibitors told reporters that the original red wine imports are box, there is no gift box packaging, the domestic market of cartons, wooden box packaging are the domestic salesman custom made; In addition, the original imported wine wine Standard capacity is 75cl (per liter) instead of 750ml (ml); the back of the bottle there are international bar code, the first number of origin: the United States is 0, France is 3, China is 6, Chile is 7, Spain is 8 , Australia is 9.