Notes on the use of flavors and fragrances

Update:07 Nov 2017

Notice one
Only the flavor flavoring in food
Spices, flavor for food flavoring only, banned for other purposes, especially to ban the use of spices, flavor used as preservatives, no recovery decay and deterioration of the food utilization. The natural flavors of decay and decay are forbidden to use, spices and flavors are added in accordance with the standards in the normal range of use, and illegal ingredients should not be added.
Notice two
Choose the right time to add
Spices and flavors have a certain volatility, the food must be heated as much as possible after heating or cooling in the late processing of add. Food exposure should be minimized, or the procedure should be avoided and spices and flavors added. The amount of food should be increased according to the specific conditions for the food processed under pressure and decompression. The fragrance and essence which should be treated by vacuum deodorization should be added after deodorization, and the spices and flavors which are easy to oxidize in air can be added with antioxidants or microcapsule essence.
Notice three
You have to add the correct order
The general flavor spices, unstable in alkaline food, some use of alkaline leavening agent of baked food using spices, flavor to the attention should be added to prevent alkaline substances and spices, flavor reaction, prevent the impact of food color, smell and taste. Vanillin, after contact with sodium bicarbonate, loses its fragrance and turns red brown. A variety of spices, flavors mixed use, should first add a lighter flavor, and then add strong flavor.
Notice four
Get the right amount
In food production, the amount of spices and essence should be appropriate, the dosage is too little, the effect is too much, the dosage is too much, it may change the taste and bring bad effects. This requires accurate grasp of the amount and pay attention to weighing accurate. The liquid flavor quality than the amount of accurate measurement, measuring cup. Fragrance should be evenly distributed in food as much as possible in order to make the fragrance consistent.