Health wine scraping market high-end wine prices see the rise

Update:04 Dec 2016

With the recent years to health, health-based bitter buckwheat wine hot, many wine business began to fight health health wine market. Weak base wine, selenium-rich wine, no alcohol and other health wine more and more, more and more fine classification, many people feel novel. Although the public wine prices are still at a low level, but the sauce flavor as the representative of the high-end wine market was warmer.

"Wine is also a weak alkaline ah? Is not the taste will be light?" Jin card group Maple liquor launched a new "knowledge of weak base wine", by many young people and dealers of all ages. "

Currently on the market most of the PH value of the wine are acidic, a large number of long-term stay in the liver and blood, which can not be normal physiological and metabolic regulation, drinking headache and other causes of hangover. "Weir weak base wine chairman Wang Ruixiang introduction, the new listing of the weak alkaline alcohol wine will be contained in a variety of acid substances removed, increased beneficial to human health trace of weak alkaline molecules and alkaloids and alkaloids salts Of the content, to retain the aroma of liquor flavor, but the entrance is more gentle.

Also played the concept of the same, as well as Gujing Gong and other big brands of wine. Gujing tribute responsible person, brewed this kind of wine used in the Millennium Northern Wei Gujing "no water", PH value of 7.2 or so, containing a variety of minerals, but also the new health wine category.

In addition to weak alkaline wine, as well as mineral elements to play the Enshi rich selenium wine, and known as the health of alcohol-free Duo A dream of alcohol-free sparkling wine. In addition, the use of fresh bayberry production of green source article from the good brewed Yangmei wine and other health wine, with sweet taste, rich fruit, high nutritional content, by many young people's attention.

Hubei Province wine industry associations, the Secretary-General Gu Hu introduced the production of fruit wine and health wine business is expanding, Maotai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Fenjiu and many other wine companies are beginning to enter this area.

High-end wine worth significantly upback

Popular health wine through personalization, segmentation to seize the market, from Guizhou, Sichuan and other places of high-end Maotai flavor, Luzhou-style wine because of the control of the amount of wine and consumption and prices rise, back to the mainstream market.

"July and August, 53 degrees Flying Maotai high-end Maotai liquor price of 800 yuan, and now the market price of 1,200 yuan." The person in charge said that more than four months time, the market awareness of the higher Maotai Wine prices significantly upback. Industry stakeholders said that over the past five years, because the liquor market Jinjian frugality, high-end Maotai liquor worth all the way down, even Maotai seven or eight hundred dollars will be able to buy. "You see now small and medium - sized hotel, as long as a little formal dinner, can see Maotai drink.

High-end Maotai liquor production capacity is limited, brewing production does not have additional, the annual materials are scheduled to advance a few years ahead of schedule. Coupled with the end of the year, the winery control cargo price stability, market inventories have become tense, some high-end wine worth from October this year began to appear significantly higher, and is likely to continue to the Spring Festival.