Variety of essence

Update:06 Feb 2018

The proportion of edible spices is very small in the edible essence, but it needs a certain safety and hygienic evaluation, which meets the requirements of relevant health regulations and can be used in the rear. There are many kinds of edible essence, which are divided into solid and liquid according to the dosage form. The solid essence has microcapsule essence and so on. Liquid essence can be divided into 3 kinds: water soluble essence, oil soluble essence and emulsified essence. In addition, it can also be classified according to the flavor type and use.
Microcapsule essence is spices and wrapping agent (such as modified starch) by emulsification, spray drying, prevent oxidation and volatilization characteristics, mainly used for solid beverage, seasoning flavoring etc.. Water soluble essence is distilled water or ethanol as diluent and mixing flavors, mainly used for soft drinks and other flavoring. Oil soluble flavor is the use of soybean oil, cooking oil, sunflower oil and edible perfume blending income, mainly used in confectionery, biscuits and other flavoring. The aqueous emulsion flavor by edible spices, edible oil, the proportion of regulators, such as antioxidant and preservative composition of the oil and the emulsifier, colorants, preservatives, thickeners, sour agent and distilled water etc., by emulsification, homogenization is mainly used for soft drinks and cold drinks such as flavoring, flavor, coloring or the opacity.

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