What is the difference between tobacco flavor and ordinary flavor spices

Update:09 Jan 2018

1. Spices in the high temperature is volatile and its own physical and chemical properties
2. Smoke spices can not be temperature.
3. Tobacco flavor is formulated by a variety of spices, with a certain flavor, can be directly used for tobacco flavoring mixture.
4. Table fragrant mostly volatile substances, made of tobacco in the cigarette processing process before adding; Sesha mostly non-volatile material, after adding tobacco, the cigarette making process, it occurs with a series of tobacco The role of cigarettes produced to become alcohol-based, less miscellaneous taste.
For the fragrance of spices, mostly spices plant extracts, jujube tincture, licorice cream, sour tincture, cocoa tincture, raisin tincture and some fruit extracts such as emblica juice, apple juice, apricot juice and so on. The role of the end of incense is mainly made of incense and tobacco in the original material in the roasting process further Maillard reaction so that smoke more prominent, reducing the gas stimulation. Recently, the plant extract first Maillard reaction, and then add Sesame to get more desirable results.
The raw materials used for tobacco table incense are natural, but also synthetic. Essential oils and extracts of natural plants, such as cassia oil, rose oil, clove oil, geraniol oil, peppermint oil, valerian oil, anthocyanin oil are all commonly used plant essential oils; iris tincture, buckwheat Tincture, Ling herbal tincture, tinuca tincture extract. Synthetic spices a wide range of common vanillin, maltol, ethyl maltol, solanesone, damascenone and pyrazine compounds.