Zhonghua base liquor

Zhonghua base liquor

Zhonghua base liquor Details

“Ciyun”Zhonghua base liquor is a kind of fermented compound fragrance that was developed by our company. It is a colorless or light yellow liquid, the taste is pure and the aftertaste is lasting, improving the quality of the white wine. Besides, it can reduce the usage of solid base liquor, lowering the cost of the white wine.

Zhonghua base liquor has a complete range of articles, and the flavor is unique. The use is simple, after conventional treatment of the edible alcohol, adding 1-2% ofZhonghua base liquor to it and stirring, and the liquor can be filled after a period of time of standing.

variety of Zhonghua base liquor

Wuliangye type No.1

Wuliangye type No.2

Wuliangye type No.3

Maotai-flavour type No.1

Maotai-flavour type No.2

fen-flavor type No.1

rice-flavour type No.1 (north)

rice-flavour type No.2 (south)

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