HVP Details

"Ciyun"hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder (HVP) is a light yellow powdery crystal with sweet and delicious flavor. It has no foreign body and no agglomeration. It is a kind of natural seasoner that uses quality natural plant protein as raw material, adopts advanced water decomposition process and strict quality management system, and is in line with international middle to high class seasoner requirements. The product has the characteristics of delicious, meaty, and strong meat taste. It can effectively eliminate the bad smell of food, while not change the original color of the food. Therefore, it can be widely used in a variety of food seasoners. The technical indicators are in line with international standards, improving your product quality.
"Ciyun" hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder (HVP) is tested by the National Light Industry Food Quality Supervision - Nanjing Station, the product quality, especially the key indicators - the content of trichloropropanol, is in line with international standards. It is applicable to seasoners, soy, and other foods.

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