L-Lactic acid

L-Lactic acid

Increase the acid concentration in liquor, so as to improve the quality of the liquor, prolonging it’s after taste.

L-Lactic acid Details

Molecular formula: C3H603

Executive standard: GB2023-2003

Content: 80-90%

State: smell-free oily liquid.

Application: It is an important aroma component in white wine, that is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and beer industries.

Suggested usage: 0.2-0.4‰

Refined lactic acid

content: 80-90%

Feature: the elaborately developed “Ciyun” refined lactic acid is colorless or almost colorless, with high purity (can completely dissolve to 95°ethyl alcohol, without turbidity) , and the color will not change when heated to 300℃.

“Ciyun” refined lactic acid dissolved the problems of common lactic acids like large quantity of impurities, yellow color, the color will darken when heated, etc., expended the application of lactic acid.

Ciyun” refined lactic acid specification. The specification can be divided into 5 categories:

No.1: lactic acid content (C) 85.0%(W/W);

No.2: lactic acid content (C) 88.0%(W/W);

No.3: lactic acid content (C) 90.0%(W/W);

No.4: lactic acid content (C) 95.0%(W/W);

No.5: lactic acid content (C) ≥95.%(W/W)。

The quality of the above lactic acids, in spite of the different lactic acid contents, are all in line with national standards.

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