Ciyun specializes in the manufacture of "ciyun" brand Ethyl lactate, Ester flavor,Acid Flavors, Caproic acid.
We are the earliest Research,Development,Production of Caproic Acid Flavors manufacturers, but also the domestic Ester flavor production business leaders.

Why choos us?

Over 70 years of manufacturing experience, being the largest

China Ester flavor Manufacturers and Caproic Acid Flavors Suppliers

,but also the largest spice of spirits manufacturer in China.
  • High production efficiency

    The largest flavor and fragrance production base in China.

  • Most reasonable price

    Directly sold from the manufacturer, the cost is low.

  • Strict quality inspection rule

    One of the Top 10 enterprises of China flavor and fragrance industry.

  • Comprehensive service system

    Immediately responding, and giving solutions within 24 hours.

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